Danny Orchard – Director

BSc (Hons), BOst, MSc, PG Cert ACE

Daniel qualified in 2005 and has since worked in a variety of osteopathic practices. From 2007-2013 he set up and ran a practice within a GP setting. He joined the teaching faculty at the BSO in 2010 within the NMS, Embryology and Pain areas and became Unit Leader of the Function Dysfunction (Pathophysiology) unit in 2011. He began teaching on the MSc in Osteopathy in 2012.

Daniel has an MSc in Pain: Science and Society from King’s College London and presented his dissertation on the Lived Experience of Headaches at the Paris OSEAN conference in 2012. Until recently he was also chair of the Cambridge Osteopathic Group and clinic supervisor at the BSO. For the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine, Daniel regularly undertakes peer review on the subject of pain, lectures internationally on pain to healthcare practitioners, and is currently part of the curriculum development team looking to rewrite how osteopathy is taught.

Daniel has undertaken research as part of his various degrees (University of Leeds, BSO and KCL) and is currently a dissertation supervisor at the BSO guiding undergraduate research in pain, his specialist area. During his time as principal of Cambourne Osteopaths he undertook a service evaluation for the GP practice looking at a potential back and neck NHS service, the results of which highlighted the benefit osteopathy can offer where funding is available. As Chair of the Cambridge Osteopathic Group he also looked into the views and beliefs of GPs to osteopathy, which revealed some stark differences in knowledge and opinion amongst the medical profession and highlighted the need for greater awareness of osteopathy amongst GPs.

He currently works in-house for Goldman Sachs (within a BUPA medical centre) as part of a team of orthopaedic consultants, GPs, physiotherapists and psychologists.

Duncan Pimlico Osteo photoshoot BWDuncan Webster – Director

BSc (Hons), MOst

Duncan graduated with distinction as an osteopath in 2013, and currently works in clinics and offices throughout London. He completed a large masters research project investigating chronic pain and its relations with mindfulness and body awareness, and is currently focusing on the potential of osteopathy having effect on ongoing chronic conditions such as reflux oesophagitis and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

He has a degree in mathematics from Imperial College London, which he specialised in the design of experiments and surveys. This came in useful during his osteopathic masters, as he lectured and tutored in statistics whilst completing the course. He also organised and ran multiple CPD courses and equipment purchases for the university and received an award for services to the student body.

He has an extensive history in teaching, including two years tutoring maths, two years teaching English in Japan, and has recently started teaching osteopathic technique in Ireland.

Prior to becoming an osteopath, Duncan worked in insurance technology and as an independent consultant dealing with large scale data mapping and analysis. This included projects on social media data gathering and automation for the London Olympic Committee, creating automated monthly on-cover bordereaux for Lockton and developing a weekly state-of-the-market report across the whole SME and small business insurance sector. His other clients included SquareGains, Laithwaites and Agent Provocateur.

He has a personal interest in high-level data transparency and a passion for osteopathy and research.


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Dr. Juliet Whitaker 

Healthcare Advisor

After a ten year NHS clinical medical career in Mental Health, a chance meeting during a career break led Juliet to accept an entirely new challenge in Healthcare Recruitment in 2001. Seven years in business developing highly respected and very successful healthcare staffing services for NHS hospitals, Community and Primary Care Services, the Ministry of Defence, Independent Sector and Charitable organisations, led Juliet in founding Mind Professionals with Co-Director Ash Bavalia, in April 2008.

Mind Professionals is an ethical and dedicated specialist support resource organisation for forward thinking Health & Legal Professionals providing assessment, care, treatment, rehabilitation or legal services for those affected by Mental Illness; Emotional Trauma; Learning or Behavioural Difficulties; Physical, Neurological or Psychological Disability.




Kavita photo

Kavita Kapoor

Development Advisor

As Product Director and Co-founder of What’sMySize, Kavita provides technical, strategic and architectural advice for the Fifty product range. Her 20 years of experience in Software Design, Technical and Applications Architecture and digital Product Management have seen her work on such high profile projects as the Big Brother launch for Channel 4 and the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Kavita was also Head of Technology for KSL, building a multi-disciplinary team to complete projects for Laithwaites, Agent Provocateur, Visit Britain and News International, and recently worked as The Regional Digital Director of Operations for Iris Worldwide in Dehli. She holds a BSc (hons) Business Information Technology and an MSc in Internet Technology from the University of Greenwich, and also studied Media Management at NYU.



Ash Bavalia

Contract Readiness Advisor

Ash is a Co-founder and Director of Mind Professionals, founded in 2008 as an ethical and dedicated specialist support resource providing care or treatment services for those affected by mental illness, emotional trauma or distress.

Mind Professionals has earned an enviable reputation amongst medical, social care and business professionals, who share commitment and dedication to the design, development and delivery of improved treatment, care, rehabilitation and support services for this highly vulnerable population group.

Prior to the inception of Mind Professionals, Ash worked in hardware and software design and support before migrating to operational management. Latterly, he set up his own very successful interim management company within the defence, aerospace and technology sectors where his wealth of experience in operational management, engineering, quality and manufacturing was instrumental in troubleshooting for many Blue Chip organisations.