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CORE has been set up by Danny Orchard and Duncan Webster to perform practical research whilst also addressing the need for mentoring within the profession. It will also provide discounted and free treatments to local patients who would otherwise be unable to access osteopathic treatments, using a similar model to the university colleges and ICO/OCC.

How are we different?

We will have a research focus from the start, gathering data on all patients (barring those who do not wish to participate, of course). This will put us in a great position for investigating longitudinal, preventative healthcare. We are also in talks with several charities to look into condition-specific treatments, and have signed a memorandum of understanding with London Southbank University. In the short term we are hoping to complete a research project with their engineering department.

As a small independent social enterprise (backed by a charity) we aim to remain flexible and open to new ideas and change. This will allow us to take feedback from stakeholders (both the profession and the public) and act on it swiftly where required.

We strongly believe in valuing our staff – our non-osteopathic staff will all be sourced from the local area with the help of ELBA (the East London Business Alliance). Therefore, once we are fully operational, we will pay all our mentees as well as the mentors. We want the graduates to feel supported, and recognise that regular income is especially important in the first couple of years of your career, so we are going to work on a day rate, rather than a fee split.

Where are we now?

We have raised around £200k, and have signed a lease on our clinic in Clapton. We are due to start the renovations in early November, and they should take three to four months, so we are hoping to open in Spring. We are still fundraising, and completed a successful crowdfunding campaign mid-December, raising an additional £21,000.

We will start recruiting for staff in the near future, and need to emphasise that initially we will be looking to have both graduates and mentors working as volunteers. However, this will not be forever, and we will have clear targets in place which will indicate when we are able to start paying you!

Want to know more?

Please contact Duncan on 07880542823 or or Danny on 07812166691 or